VIP, Private Jets and Business Aircraft Catering

VIP, Private Jets and Business Aircraft Catering

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When ordering a private jet, the VIP can express any wishes regarding the preparation of the inflight catering, including orders for food and drinks from the best restaurants in the departure country, diet meals, luxurious meals or special meals based on the travelers’ preferences.  It is too much annoying for the aircraft charterer to have any inconvenience on board of the aircraft with the catering or any other pre-arranged services.

When Catering is related to VIP flights, Then the principles of preparing onboard catering for passengers are completely different than, for example, when developing a menu for crews of the same vessel. Here, catering menu will depend on the preferences expressed by travelers when ordering a charter flight, or on food traditions characteristic of the region from which the flight departs. Inflight Platters Services (IFPLS) will make sure to provide you with the needed catering exactly as requested by the travelers, our wide range of VIP events and Catering providers are ready to help your inflight services team to prepare anything you may need on board, IFPLS always has the opportunity to adjust the menu selection in such a way as to make the trip comfortable and luxurious as much as your travelers need.