Catering Security Services

Catering Security Services

Protecting passengers and Airlines reputation is our priority

IFPLS contracted the best catering security providers around the world. IFPLS team offers catering security services via highly trained partners of security professionals not only at the major US airports, but all over the world and wherever such service may be required by the airport authorities or needed as special service by our clients. IFPLS achieves the highest standards in the Catering Security industry. Our catering security services have been designed to comply with our Airline Customers’ requirements, TSA regulations or any other country may require such service around the world.


Inspection of Catering Equipment

  • Search & Seal or Search & Monitor
  • Use of Airline or Airport customized Seals for International, Domestic and Charter flights
  • Catering Security Services provided at most of the catering companies facilities


Catering Security and escorting services including Verification of Truck Seal on the Air Operation Area (AOA)

  • Our Security agent will meet the catering vehicle at the aircraft or entry point to the AOA to verify and break the seal on the catering vehicle
  • We provide the truck seal Verification and Documentation
Providing the official Retention of truck seal forms