Elevate Your In-Flight Dining Experience with IFPLS Catering at Al Maktoum International Airport!

Elevate Your In-Flight Dining Experience with IFPLS Catering at Al Maktoum International Airport!

Elevate Your In-Flight Dining Experience with IFPLS Catering at Al Maktoum International Airport!

Exceptional Catering Services at Al Maktoum International Airport with IFPLS Catering


Welcome to IFPLS Catering, your premier provider of customized in-flight dining experiences at Al Maktoum International Airport (OMDW, DWC). 

We pride ourselves on delivering gourmet meals tailored to meet the unique needs of every passenger, ensuring a delightful culinary journey at 30,000 feet.


Customized Catering for Every Flight


At IFPLS Catering, we understand that each flight and passenger is unique. That’s why we offer personalized catering services for all types of flights:


VIP Flights

Elevate your VIP experience with our luxurious meal options. From gourmet entrees to exquisite desserts, our VIP catering service ensures an unforgettable dining experience.


Commercial Flights

Enhance passenger satisfaction with our diverse and delicious menu options designed for commercial airlines. We cater to all classes, from economy to first class, providing meals that meet and exceed expectations.


Domestic Flights

For shorter routes, we offer a range of fresh and tasty meal options that are perfect for domestic travelers. Quick, convenient, and delicious – our meals are designed to keep passengers satisfied.


Charter Flights

Our flexible catering solutions for charter flights ensure that your passengers enjoy high-quality meals, regardless of the flight duration or destination. Customization is key, and we’re here to meet your needs.


Catering to All Dietary Requirements


We take dietary preferences and restrictions seriously. Whether it’s for religious, medical, or personal reasons, our catering services can accommodate any special dietary requirements. 

From halal and kosher meals to gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, we’ve got it all covered. Our chefs are skilled in preparing meals that are both delicious and compliant with your dietary needs.


Why Choose IFPLS Catering?


Customization: Each menu is crafted to suit the individual preferences and dietary requirements of your passengers.

Quality: We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare high-quality meals that are both nutritious and delicious.

Experience: Our team of culinary experts and dedicated staff are committed to providing exceptional service and exquisite cuisine.

Flexibility: Whether it’s a last-minute request or a special dietary need, we are here to accommodate all your catering needs.

How to Start Your Catering Request


Ready to elevate your in-flight dining experience with IFPLS Catering? It’s easy to get started:


Contact Us via WhatsApp: Reach out to our team directly through WhatsApp for quick and efficient service. Click here to contact our customer service via email

Sign Up on Our Website: Visit our website and sign up to explore our menu options and place your catering orders online.

Email Our Operators: For flight operations-related queries, contact our catering team at catering@ifpls.aero.

Email Our Customer Service: For any customer service inquiries, reach out to us at CCC@IFPLS.aero


At IFPLS Catering, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience that meets all your needs. Choose us for your next flight and let us take your culinary journey to new heights!


Fly higher with IFPLS Catering – where every meal is a masterpiece

Ready to delight your passengers with exquisite in-flight meals? Contact us today to get started!